Invoker Team Online QSL Request Service (OQRS)

Currently only available for the HP0INT activities

This is an Online QSL Request Form that can be used to request QSL confirmation both via Direct and Bureau. You can request more than one QSL at one time. Your QSL card(s) are automatically mailed to you or automatically sent through the QSL bureau. You do not need to send your card! SWL Stations can not use this OQRS.

Direct QSL (via F4BKV)
For a minimum Paypal payment of 2 Euro (up to 3 cards) or 3 Euros (3 cards or more), the QSL cards will be directly send to you within the next 3 months. Each IOTA group will have its own card

Bureau QSL (via F5CWU)
You can also request cards through the bureau. Your cards will automatically be sent within 1 year. No payment is necessary.

All QSO will be uploaded to LOTW within one month after the expedition finished

When using the Online QSL Request Service, do not send any further cards via the bureau or direct!

You can request QSLs for the following stations.
Call Entity Notes
HP0INT/1 Panama
HP0INT/2 Panama
HP0INT/3 Panama
HP0INT/4 Panama
HP0INT/9 Panama