Detailed results of the activity

Callsign IOTA Group Island Name QSO Uniques
HP0INT/1 NA-072 Naos 979 878 (89.7%)
HP0INT/3 NA-071 Boca Brava 6929 4137 (59.7%)
HP0INT/2 NA-170 Ogobsibu (San Blas) 6243 4242 (67.9%)
HP0INT/2 NA-202 Grande 4125 2940 (71.3%)
HP0INT/9 NA-203 Iguana 6780 4522 (66.7%)
HP0INT/4 NA-088 Colon (Bocas del Toro) 7132 4813 (67.5%)

Overall QSO number: 32188 from the 6 HP IOTA's

Total QRV Time: 195 hours

Average QSO/hour: 165 - Average QSO/min: 2.75

After the first island, we decided to focus only on one mode per band (i.e. not doing SSB and CW on 15m from the same island). This paid off as we were able to increase the unique rate from 59% in the 68% range.


Below the breakdown per mode and per band overall


Below the breakdown per continents overall and then for each IOTA

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