June 18th - 21st 2010

In a Pan-European project, SMØMDG Bjørn, EA3NT Christian, EA2TA George, F4BKV Vincent , IZ7ATN Simon and leader MMØNDX Col will – weather permitting – try to be active from the remote North Atlantic island group of the Flannans 20 miles north west of the Outer Hebrides. Activated in 1989, 1995, 1999 and 2002, the mysterious Flannan Isles are certainly a much needed but extremely difficult to access IOTA.


The purpose of this expedition is to put Flannan Islands EU-118 on the air to give all island chasers world-wide the chance to get this rare island group logged, with a special focus on areas where EU-118 is in extreme demand.

Expedition goals
  • On the air Fri June 18, 2 stations 24-hrs (possibly 3 stations in daylight)
  • All bands from 80-6 meter, both SSB and CW
  • Pay special attention to JA demand of EU-118
  • End operations at Mon June 21
  • Return Safely to Stornoway


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EU-118 info

Latest news
  • MSØINT IOTA DXpedition: EU-010, EU-059 & EU-111

    Nov 22nd 2010

    After the succesful activation of the dangerous and rare Flannan Isles, EU-118 in June 2010, the MSØINT team have re-grouped, re-organised and strengthened in size for their next adventure.

    Detailed information at Invoker Team MS0INT 2011


    July 15th 2010

    MSØINT application to LoTW has now been accepted and the log successfully uploaded!

    The QSL cards arrived from the printer on Thursday 15th July. So far 1,300 log entries have requested a QSL. All QSL cards have now been completed and ready for dispatch.

    51 Letters posted to UK this afternoon. All Direct QSL cards will be posted on Saturday 17th July, including a package to GDXF.

    Some Bureau cards will also be posted to Czech Republic, Japan, Germany, Italy Russia, Spain & Ukraine. The remaining Bureau cards to follow soon.


    July 4th 2010

    The QSL draft is on the way to the printer.

    MS0INT QSL card

    QSL is via M0URX - please read the QSL Instructions.

  • MSØINT log online

    July 4th 2010

    MSØINT log has been uploaded onto Club Log here you will see MSØINT and you can view log statistics. 8,273 Qs in 66 hours of operation with 5,661 Unique calls.


    June 20th 2010

    After 8273 contacts on 9 bands and three days on the remote island of Eilean Mor, the team switched the last station off Monday morning at 0900z.

    Thank you all very much for your calls and your discipline on the bands. Thanks and see you from the next target soon!

  • Last minutes before departure

    June 20th 2010

    The team started taking down the station and is currently operating with a backup radio on battery power for another 30-60 minutes.

    8100 contacts were logged on Monday morning and the team hopes to log a few more before they finally leave Eilean Mor.

  • Now also QRV on 80M

    June 20th 2010

    Sunday has seen another great day with activity on all bands. The team has finally set up the 80M vertical and is currently CQing on 3.753. The other stations are on 7.160 and 10.121

    About 7000 contacts been done by Sunday evening and the station will be operational thoughout the night to give everyone a fair chance working the rather rare IOTA reference EU-118.

    Since weather conditions became a bit rough, the team will shut down station at 0800z Monday morning in order to leave the Flannans by 1100z.

  • 30M antenna finally up

    June 19th 2010

    After a day full of high band operations with a total QSO number of 4000 so far, the team just finished the 30M vertical and is now operating on 10.127. The second station still is on 20M CQing on 14.270.

  • MSØINT running well

    June 19th 2010

    The team arrived on the Flannans yesterday afternoon and set up the station as "fast" as they could. "Fast" is rather difficult on Eilean Mor since the way from the landing area to the planned operation location at the lighthouse is long and steep. One way trip packed with the equipment took them 45 minutes and that's the reason why MSØINT finally showed up on 20M a little delayed.

    However, conditions on Eilean Mor been very nice, WX aswell as propagation are with them so they were rather busy on their first day on 20M and 40M, totalling about 2000 contacts so far.

    The team is currently using a vertical for 40M and the Hexbeam for the upper bands, plus a Yagi for 6M, so MSØINT has been active on 6M, 10M, 15M and 17M on Saturday morning. The antennas for 30M and 80M are in preparation and hopefully ready for Saturday evening / night.

    Unfortunately, the cellphone coverage out in the Atlantic is bad as expected so there won't be an online log until the team is back to the Isle of Lewis on Monday.

  • MSØINT landing EU118

    June 18th 2010

    Team arrived on the Flannans and is now setting up stations to start operations soon!

    • Team arrived on the Flannans

  • MSØINT team leaving for EU118 Flannan Islands

    June 18th 2010

    We are now leaving for EU118 Flannan Islands. Landing expected for early afternoon.

    • Team leaving for EU118
    • On the way to the Flannans

  • MSØINT team arrived in Stornoway

    June 17th 2010

    After a long day of travelling from all corners of Europe to Edinburgh, the team has just arrived in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, the base for the trip to the Flannans. They are now busy doing the last antenna works and equipment tests. Listen for them signing MM/homecall/EU-010

    • Arrival in Stornoway, meeting with Norman GM4KGK
    • Team completed - EA2TA, F4BKV, SMØMDG, MMØNDX, EA3NT, IZ7ATN

  • EA team arrive at Edinburgh

    June 16th 2010

    George EA2TA and Christian EA3NT savely arrived at Edinburgh Airport to meet with Col MM0NDX.

    • George EA2TA and Christian EA3NT

    The others are already on their way to Scotland and after a short hello, we will proceed to the Isle of Lewis. June 17th we should be on air from EU-010 testing the equipment.

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Name of island Eilean Mor
Coordinates 58 17.0' N, 007 35.0' W

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