June 18th - 21st 2010

In a Pan-European project, SMØMDG Bjørn, EA3NT Christian, EA2TA George, F4BKV Vincent , IZ7ATN Simon and leader MMØNDX Col will – weather permitting – try to be active from the remote North Atlantic island group of the Flannans 20 miles north west of the Outer Hebrides. Activated in 1989, 1995, 1999 and 2002, the mysterious Flannan Isles are certainly a much needed but extremely difficult to access IOTA.


The purpose of this expedition is to put Flannan Islands EU-118 on the air to give all island chasers world-wide the chance to get this rare island group logged, with a special focus on areas where EU-118 is in extreme demand.

Expedition goals
  • On the air Fri June 18, 2 stations 24-hrs (possibly 3 stations in daylight)
  • All bands from 80-6 meter, both SSB and CW
  • Pay special attention to JA demand of EU-118
  • End operations at Mon June 21
  • Return Safely to Stornoway


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EU-118 info

Operating plan

Please note that THE MAIN PURPOSE of this expedition is to give IOTA chasers worldwide the opportunity to get another rare reference in their logs.

For the IOTA award programme, only one (1) QSO is enough to confirm an island.

Since this expedition is going to be very limited in time we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation with us, making one QSO and giving the opportunity for other IOTA hunters work us. (Unless you need Scotland as DXCC in a particular slot!)

Only with your cooperation we will be able to run smooth pileups, making it easier for all those who call.

We will be active from 6m to 80m band (CW-SSB-DIGI), and we will give priority to different continents for each band, as follows:

6M-10M-12M We hope to have E-skip openings to EUROPE.
15M We will look for SA - NA - AF - AS.
17M We will focus on DX stations. West Coast NA - OC - AS.
20M We understand 20M band will give a chance to anyone. Therefore we expect bigger pileups from anywhere.
30M Priority: FAR EAST - OC - NA - AF.
40M EU - NA - SA
80M EU

We will of course try to answer any station anywhere ! But this is just a simple guide to make it easier for you to work us.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation!

Thanks to our premium partners:

Icom UK Clipperton DX Club German DX Foundation Sea Trek UK
Name of island Eilean Mor
Coordinates 58 17.0' N, 007 35.0' W

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